Using Rosetta for Kubuntu

Sean Wheller sean at
Fri Aug 5 09:19:51 CDT 2005

On Friday 05 August 2005 15:19, Donatas G. wrote:
> Are there any plans to use rosetta for Kubuntu specifics translation?
> I looked at
> and found that there are only generic or Gnome programs that are
> translated via rosetta for ubuntu.
> If I found any KDE specific programs there, I would perhaps translate some.

I know from Riddell that there are plans to localize Kubuntu apps in Rosetta. 

For Kubuntu-docs the Ubuntu doc team has an established interface with the 
Rosetta system. During the course of development, the team will make POT 
files available for translation of any Kubuntu documents in Rosetta. At 
present we have not uploaded anything. 

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