Need to load broadcom kernel module before loading tg3 driver

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at
Tue Sep 1 22:36:00 UTC 2009

Jerone Young wrote:
> Hey guys,
> 	Had a chat with Matt Carlson at Broadcom, who works on the tg3 driver.
> Recently we have had a lot of issues with Broadcom ethernet controllers
> working with the upstream tg3 driver, such as the BCM 57780.
> 	Matt lead me to the fact that since the driver uses phylib, you must
> first load "broadcom" kernel module before actually loading the tg3
> driver for the card to get a phy (ex. eth0). He said currently it's not
> a seemless experience with the upstream driver.
> 	Need to figure out how to get the broadcom module to load before the
> tg3. Not sure how to do this exactly though. Since the two are not
> linked. You guys have ideas?
> 				Thanks,
> 					Jerone

This seems like a systemic issue for _any_ ethernet driver that uses 
phylib. One easy solution is to build-in Broadcom MII support, e.g.,

Scott - is this a udev issue?

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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