Need to load broadcom kernel module before loading tg3 driver

Scott James Remnant scott at
Wed Sep 2 10:01:01 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-09-01 at 16:36 -0600, Tim Gardner wrote:

> > Had a chat with Matt Carlson at Broadcom, who works on the tg3 driver.
> > Recently we have had a lot of issues with Broadcom ethernet controllers
> > working with the upstream tg3 driver, such as the BCM 57780.
> > 
> This seems like a systemic issue for _any_ ethernet driver that uses 
> phylib. One easy solution is to build-in Broadcom MII support, e.g.,
> Scott - is this a udev issue?
This is not a udev issue.

It sounds like you have a simple missing dependency.

Either the "broadcom" driver should have modaliases for the devices it
supports, and depend on the tg3 driver; or the tg3 driver should depend
on the broadcom driver.

Honestly it sounds like a bug that one has to be loaded before the other

Consider a laptop which has a built-in ethernet device that uses the tg3
driver, and a plug-in wireless card using the broadcom driver.

We would never know to load the broadcom driver before the tg3 driver,
so the situation of broadcom being loaded *after* tg3 MUST be supported
by the kernel.

We will not work around this in userspace.

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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