backporting timer fix to dapper

Ben Collins bcollins at
Wed Jul 19 23:32:28 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-07-18 at 21:45 -0700, Andrew Straw wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> Speaking only as a Ubuntu kernel patching newbie, I suggest reading
> , especially as it appears you're
> using git. It sounds straightforward to apply the patches you mention to
> the Dapper tree. Then use git-format-patch to create an email to the
> kernel-team mailing list. If accepted, your patch will then be applied.
> This method creates the least work for the maintainers.

Technically, that's the correct way. However, it is the least amount of
work to just do:

git-cherry-pick <git-sha>
(repeat as needed)

Plus, it keeps the repo consistent for when we sync to upstream (where
the patches come from).

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