[Bug 33269] Re: root filesystem fails to mount (sata_nv module is loaded)

Henrik Holmström henrik65 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 10:16:26 UTC 2008

Tested all the boot options suggested here and in related bugs (have a link list in bug #305714); nothing helps.
Tested (almost) all BIOS settings and physical connectors; nothing helps.
When the kernel boot from grub, it stops waiting for the disk after what looks like a healthy "pre-boot". Since the previously working 2.6.27-7 doesn't boot either, I suspect the problem is in some other updated sw like a driver. How do I find out the exact diff between "-7" and "-9"?
Please note that this bug appears in a lot of bug reports and in a lot of forum discussions. Each thread has similair discussions but perhaps tying it all together would help finding the solution. I think this a very severe problem affecting may people.

root filesystem fails to mount (sata_nv module is loaded)
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