[Bug 34209] Re: 2.6.15-17-k7 doesn't boot on Athlon 2000+

Fat and Bold uk6q6zh02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Apr 18 23:47:43 UTC 2006

Me too.  Breezy's 2.6.12-9-386 works fine on my Athlon 3400+.

Neither 2.6.15-20-k7 nor 2.6.15-20-386 will boot successfully.  When I boot, the screen is immediately corrupted (changes to strange video mode) and the computer freezes.  If I remove "splash" then the screen doesn't corrupt, but the process hangs at "Begin: Waiting for root file system...".  It appears that it's not loading any modules at all.

My root file system is on a RAID1.

2.6.15-17-k7 doesn't boot on Athlon 2000+

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