Charm Ecosystem Status for 22 May

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Wed May 22 17:04:05 UTC 2013

Here's the status in rendered form if you don't like the raw markdown:

Here's all the goodies for the week:

- [Video recording](
- [Pad](
- [Status Board](
- [Juju.u.c Meeting

# Updates this past week:

## vUDS

 - Charm Auditing! Marco will be providing list of things and charms
not up to snuff, post to list in order to get fixes (or eventually
remove from store)

Blueprints Discussed:

- [](

Please check out the blueprints, there's a ton of detail there!

## Charm Tools

- Fixed dependency to recommend juju-core or juju, fixes Jono's bug.
- charm-helpers being split into it's own project:
  - Rewriting a bunch of them into python instead of a mishmash of
bash and python, gives us cross-OS compatability, better templating,
easier testing.
  - Rolling out a single charm-helpers package

## Docs

- Pre-beta live site (Nick hates it when we link it. :))
  - [](
  - Current docs not generating, filed RT, IS to complete by the end
of this week.
  - Code: lp:~evilnick/juju/go-juju-docs
  -[arosales] Todo to make a better docs staging site

## Charm Testing

- Rewriting the `jitsu test` code so it works as a juju plugin to
enable easier testing.
- lp:juju-plugins

##  Charm Framework Updates

- node.js - Jeff Pihach linked up with Mims, experienced node.js dev.
Good things on the roadmap here. We'll get a better status when Mims
returns from Gluecon
- rails/rack - Follow up with Pavel?
- Django, someone mentioned in UDS that it's nearly ready to be
submitted to the store.

## CFPs & Upcoming Events

- Mark Mims is at Gluecon! Go get em!
- Submitted to Strata in NYC. (mims)
- Strata in London submission in progress (jamespage)
- TexasLinuxFest, arosales to present.

## Charm Schools

- Next Friday is Part 2 of "How to write a charm"
- We'd like to have a roadmap for charm schools
- Over the next day or so Jorge to publish a schedule for charm
schools, will be on the Events.
- We'd like to be responsive to user needs.
   - Keep biweekly cadence, be flexible enough to do on-the-spot charm schools.
- Jorge to add more detail to charm schools on the web page, show what
topics were covered in more detail.
- capture the IRC Logs (duh!).

- Topics people want: Puppet/Juju, Charming from Scratch, Improving an
existing charm (including the workflow to submit it back)

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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