Juju GUI release

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Wed May 22 14:23:43 UTC 2013


We released a new version of the Juju GUI yesterday. It has a number of
important bug fixes. There are also more than a few hidden experimental
and incremental features that we will mention on the blog later, for
those who want to explore.

Here’s some of the bugfix highlights.

- Initial layout of services is much nicer. This is particularly evident
for larger deployments, such as with OpenStack.
- Configuration values can now be multi-line. This fixes an issue people
encountered when deploying haproxy, because one of the configuration
strings is actually interpreted as a YAML file by the charm.
- Mousewheel zoom now works again in Firefox. (Note that as of 0.4.0 the
GUI no longer suggested that Firefox users try Chrome/Chromium. Firefox
is fully supported, though Chrome/Chromium is noticeably faster).
- Read-only mode no longer reports errors when you drag services.
- We found and fixed a memory leak. We are now building tools to help us
diagnose future memory leak reports, and will have more information
about that soon.

New instances of the GUI charm will automatically use the new release by

You can change existing GUI services to use the new release by changing
the charm config variable "juju-gui-source" to "0.5.0". [1]



[1] The update will take a minute or two, during which you can still use
the old version of the GUI, except for a brief interruption of the
connection to Juju right before the update's completion.  You will need
to reload the GUI in your browser to get the new version, and you may
need to clear your browser cache.  Once you have the new version, you
can verify in your browser by looking at /juju-ui/version.js on the
GUI's server.

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