[ANN] juju-core 1.9.12 has been released

David Cheney david.cheney at canonical.com
Wed Mar 27 04:46:02 UTC 2013

juju-core 1.9.12

A new release of Juju, juju-core 1.9.12, is now available for testing.

Getting Juju

juju-core 1.9.12 is available from the Gophers PPA


New and Notable

* A version subcommand has been added to the juju cli tool.
* The “smart” output format for hook commands now returns the pythonic 
“True” and “False” for better compatibility with all charms that use 
“smart” formatting.
* When bootstrapping, the ec2 environment now accepts and honours the 
“arch”, “cpu-cores”, “cpu-power” and “mem” constraints. Constraints are 
still not applied at any point after bootstrap time.
* Juju now supports a new  environment variable: JUJU_ENV, which 
overrides the default environment name.
* All hook commands now support the --format flag.  Commands that don’t 
produce any output now only emit a deprecation warning if the user uses 
the --format flag instead of returning an error.
* The logging in all Juju components has been improved to use the 
traditional levels of Debug, Info, Warn and Error.
* Nodes are configured to use rsyslogd to forward their logs to the 
state server, which aggregates their logs. These logs will be aggregated 
into /var/log/juju/all-machines.log on the state server. Currently only 
the machine agent log is forwarded, but unit agent logs will be added in 
the future.
* Initial support for the Juju GUI has been committed

Configuration changes


Known bugs and limitations

As this is an early release of Juju in Go there are a number of features 
which are still to be implemented. A non exhaustive list of known issues 
is as follows.

* Most types of relations are supported, but are not displayed in juju 
status. #1073966
* The juju-core package currently cannot be installed in parallel with 
juju 0.5/0.6 due to conflicting ownership of /usr/bin/juju (and others). 
This may be mitigated in the future with alternatives. The current 
workaround is to remove the juju 0.5/0.6 package before installing 
juju-core 1.9.12.
* Constraints are not yet implemented. #1027873
* The openstack provider only supports the userpass authentication 
scheme. The keypass authentication scheme is not supported. #1135335

Testing on HP Cloud

Support for HP Cloud is currently experimental.  As such, no public 
tools are available when deploying to HP Cloud. To deploy to HP Cloud 
please follow these steps

1. Compile Juju from source. Please consult the README file in the 
source for instructions for building Juju from source. If you choose to 
build Juju from source, to avoid confusion, you should not install Juju 
from PPA.
2. Set default-image-id in your environments.yaml to a string value of 
one of the Ubuntu images in your storage region.
3. When bootstrapping, use the --upload-tools flag to compile the tools 
from source.


As an unstable release we do not yet guarantee a clean upgrade path of 
running environments from on 1.9.x version to another.  However, 
live-upgrades may work now, and will be a supported feature of 2.0.

We encourage everyone to subscribe the mailing list at 
juju-dev at lists.canonical.com, or join us on #juju-dev on freenode.

Dave Cheney
On behalf of the Juju team

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