juju-core fails to bootstrap on ec2

Zhengpeng Hou zhengpeng-hou at ubuntu.com
Sun Mar 31 09:11:55 UTC 2013

Installed the release from go ppa, generated config with juju init
then tried to bootstrap, the instance on ec2 has been launched
successfully, but not bootstraped.
^Cfreeflying at x220:/tmp$ juju status  --debug
2013/03/31 16:04:08 INFO JUJU:juju:status environs/ec2: opening environment
2013/03/31 16:04:09 INFO JUJU:juju:status environs/ec2: waiting for DNS
name(s) of state server instances [i-5a9f0439]
2013/03/31 16:04:12 INFO JUJU:juju:status state: opening state; mongo
addresses: ["ec2-184-73-133-195.compute-1.amazonaws.com:37017"]; entity ""
2013/03/31 16:04:18 INFO JUJU:juju:status state: connecting to
2013/03/31 16:04:18 ERROR JUJU:juju:status state: connection failed: dial
tcp connection refused
2013/03/31 16:04:18 INFO JUJU:juju:status state: connecting to
and there is no agent and mongodb being launched when I ssh into the
Is this my own corner case or a bug I shall file to lp?
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