juju + go == ppa?

David Cheney david.cheney at canonical.com
Wed Mar 27 04:06:27 UTC 2013

>>> Is there a ppa that has all of juju go and dependencies in a way
>>>   that's easy to consume.

No, there is not.

>>> Not being a go programmer I'd rather just apt-get install
>>> something rather than trying to figure out where I'm doing stuff
>>> wrong.

There is a readme inside the juju-core source, it's been pretty battle 
tested by onboarding a few launchpad squads. Please let me know if you 
find any deficiencies.

> I was using that ppa but unless I misunderstand, we're still expected
> to build from source to use the HP cloud.
> Perhaps the PPA should be built daily?

Sadly that won't help. The issue is there is no analogue to the public 
S3 bucket we use for publishing the tools (the binaries for the agents 
that run on the virtual machines) for HP cloud. We're working on fixing 
this, but at the moment you have to use the source so you can use the 
--upload-tools flag, which builds those binaries and uploads them to a 
storage bucket associated with your tenant credentials.

> Oh, that ppa also has juju and juju-core which is super confusing as
> those two don't even conflict on one another and both provide
> '/usr/bin/juju'

Yup, this has long been a thorn in our sides. This is issue 

We're aiming to address this by the end of the next interation, 1.9.13.



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