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Dear David Clinton,

You have seen that I have so much to learn and explore. Right now I am as new as 
a baby born in this Ubuntu case. But some program source are like Unix, Xenix. I 
wonder if they are of the same origin. 

Please do help me to expand the help file of Open office. I can only expand it 
up to 2nd level, not 3rd and so on. Or is there anything wrong with the 
installation ? Thank you very much for everything.
Can openshot video editor be compared with Edius 4 in Window ? Is it as good as 
Edius too or better ? The Ubuntu screen is better than the window according to 
me. And fast too.
Like you said, when I have settled in Ubuntu, I intend to use it permanently, 
since it is more virus free, can be expanded according to our needs, and more 
economical since it is an open souce, of course if we have the time to make 
programs for ourselves. I think this is going to be the better choice than 
window if not the best.Since it is supported by many in all over the world. TQ.

Best Regards,
Dibya Hutama

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On Mon, 2011-03-14 at 19:58 -0700, hutama dibya wrote:
> Is it true that Ubuntu is like a shell in Novell, so we can mount
> anything on the platform ? So if we don't need any we don't mount it,
> we only mount something that we need. So it is sleek, concise, fast
> and so on. ? 

I wasn't involved with computers all that much between Fortran
(mid-seventies) and DOS (early nineties) so I missed Novell. But I would
assume that resources like lots of RAM are so easily available that
mounting devices won't cause too much harm anyway.

> Where can I find the source code of Ubuntu ? 

Go to Synaptic and then "Settings" and "Repositories". In the "Ubuntu
Software" tab, click on "source code" and then update (reload) Synaptic
from its main screen. 

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