What user management software do you use?

M Rathburn stretchem at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 14:27:29 GMT 2009

> Last night LaserJock told me that Sabayon isn't being developed ...


Gotta tell ya', I swapped from using LTSP on F9 because of a major CUPS
issue (which looks like it's been fixed in the latest update from CUPS),
along with the superb documentation available for Edubuntu.  While using F9,
Sabayon was the cat's meow!  Worked flawlessly.  It does exactly what you're
describing.  Just a few clicks and the users of your choice suddenly get a
new environment.

I'd like to see Sabayon on Ubuntu get back on track.  I'd even be willing to
contribute monetarily!  Time is money, and doing it the manual way is very

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