What user management software do you use?

David Groos djgroos at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 12:57:10 GMT 2009

Hi All,

I'm working on setting up a classroom/computer lab, first in my classroom
but then will replicate to others here in Minneapolis Minnesota USA.  The
Edubuntu Hardy thin client is working fine in most aspects and I use it
myself but have not rolled it out to my students yet--there are a couple of
final tasks to be done, first.

One of the major tasks is managing user privileges in an efficient manner.
My students will be using blogs, Cmaps, wikis and other interactive apps.  I
don't know about college classrooms, but in the classrooms of 11-15 year old
(inner city) students where this system will be going, managing privileges
is a key to successful classrooms.

Over the last few years I've found a 3-level system works well--I used a Mac
server--Workgroup Manager--to do this.  Students in the:
--Level1 group were able to use Apps that are relatively local like Office.

--Level2 students additionally had access to the internet with Firefox and
could participate in online discussions, browse as needed.
--Level3 students could additionally adjust the appearance of their desktop
background and had access to games which they could play when appropriate.

Students would start at Level1 and be there for a week, and by showing
cooperation with the rules we would developed together, they would move on
to Level2 next week.  Then, by showing another weeks worth of cooperation,
they would move up to level3.  There they would stay unless they violated a
basic tenant of our community, causing them to tumble back to level1...
This system provided recognition and increased rights as greater
responsibility was shown, generally they really liked it.

Last night LaserJock told me that Sabayon isn't being developed and
Edubuntu-menus has a work-around that students will undoubtedly figure out
(right click on a file and you are given the choice of which app you would
like to open).  Therefore, I'm searching for something that will help manage
groups of user permissions, somewhat similar to Workgroup Manager in the Mac
platform.  Unfortunately I'm a newbe with linux (never much had to dig
around in OSX too much).  I'd love to hear your stories!  Finally, here is a
link <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Education> to some writing I've
done on the Ubuntu wiki if you check it out, please tell me if I should
transfer it to an Edubuntu wiki, I'm mighty new here...

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