ldm numlock

Scott Balneaves sbalneav at legalaid.mb.ca
Fri Sep 12 16:14:47 BST 2008

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 12:22:49PM +0200, Pierre Yann Baco wrote:
> 1°) I've tried your suggestion, i.e. adding a call to numlockx in 
> ${CHROOT}/usr/lib/ltsp/screen.d/ldm script, right before the call the 
> ldm binary.
> It does not work, as X is not started yet at this stage. X starts AFTER 
> the ldm binary.

Ah, right, I was thinking of the new way we've decided to do things, where we
start X first, and LDM simply runs under X, as opposed to ldm starting X.

> 2°) Replacing the call to numlockx by a call to "setleds -D +num" does 
> work....for 1/2 second: as soon as the ldm binary takes control, NumLock 
> led goes off.

Hmm, so X itself resets the numlock state.  You'd like to think it would
read/honour the state of the meta keys before it starts up.  OK.

> I guess the only solution would be to call numlockx or setleds from the 
> ldm binary...

Well, this is a bit on the gross side.  Gadi's got some patches where we can
call out rc.d scripts AFTER the X starts up, but before the greeter runs.  I
think I'll backport those, then we can call setleds/numlockx from that.  I hate
to hardcode a call to a binary within the program, I'd rather abstract it out
to a startup script, which is easier for a sysadmin to modify.


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