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Scott Balneaves sbalneav at legalaid.mb.ca
Thu Sep 11 21:40:47 BST 2008

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 01:18:55PM -0700, Jordan Erickson wrote:
> Jeez.. Sorry for confusion, Scott you weren't the one I talked to, it 
> was vagrantc.
> Apparently the reason numlockx doesn't work for LDM is that it gets 
> launched AFTER LOGIN (xsession.d script). This was the issue that halted 
> my own research.

So, it does work, but just after the user logs in?  You want it enabled while
the user is still sitting at the login prompt?

If that's the case, then just shoehorn it into the ldm screen script somewhere.

Say, in ${CHROOT}/usr/lib/ltsp/screen.d/ldm, around line 110, just before the
call to ldm itself:

you could do the

if [ -n "${LDM_NUMLOCK}" ]; then
    numlockx "${LDM_NUMLOCK}"

there.  Like I say, you'll just need to install numlockx in the chroot, and
ltsp-update-image on it.

A quick bit of giggling has revealed that setleds is already installed, and
appears to work.

So, perhaps the ldm screen script could do a:

if [ -n "${LDM_NUMLOCK}" ]; then
    setleds -D +num

and of course, rebuild the image.

I'll try this tonight.  It wouldn't require a new package to be added.

(who never, ever uses the numlock key)

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