moving forward with Ubuntu & Edubuntu -- One new club going online today

Bud Roth junk at
Thu Sep 11 14:59:03 BST 2008

Today, I'm going to my sons' school, Congressional Schools of Northern
Virginia, to set up some Ubuntu laptops to serve as the backbone of a
new computer club.  This is a great chance for our middle schoolers to
get their hands on OS early.  

I've been reading this list for a while on and off and wonder if my
experience is common.  I probably rank as a "hardcore" linux user,
although I migrated from Gentoo to Ubuntu only about two years ago.
I've installed Edubuntu on a computer before, but am debating whether to
do so with these laptops or stick with Ubuntu and handpick the
educational software.  The point I want to raise is that Edubuntu's LTSP
focus is a good fit for some educational setups and not for others.  

I've been reading the list for a while and I can't help but wonder if
Edubuntu shouldn't be a Xubuntu-like modification of the Ubuntu desktop
and then the LTSP functionality a separate project that is Ubuntu LTSP
and available for Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, and Edubuntu alike.  I
suspect there are developers interested in LTSP for Xubuntu or Kubuntu,
but who are not interested in Edubuntu.  I also suspect there are
Edubuntu folks that don't need the terminal setup.  (I fall in that
category.)  Is it possible that the developer pool would be better
served by splitting off Edubuntu from LTSP functionality?  Just a

I hope to participate more in the Edubuntu process, so I'll probably put
Edubuntu on at least one laptop to gauge the students' reaction.  MTF...



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