Many Edubuntu servers

Kai Wollweber wollw at
Thu Sep 11 18:02:20 BST 2008

Hello Mattias Hemmingsson:
> Hello
> Im using several edubuntu servers.
> Now i think it would be nice to load balance them all toghter.
> In the dhcp server point to one ip and have one of the edu servers
> to that ip.
> Then make clients connect to different edu servers to lower and even
> load on the servers.
> Would be nice not using heartbeat or ultra monkey and use any easy

We use a configuration with 1 primary and 3 secondary servers as
described in [1]. 

The load balancing is not described in fully detail at that page. We
followed the idea to dispatch the access to the secondary servers by
random and load. Clients are not dedicated to a destinct server. From a
list of possible secondary servers only the active machines will be
selected. If one or two of the secondary servers are down all clients
will connect to the remainig servers. Additionally the users have the
possibility to select a destinct server from a list of active servers.

See our ltsp-conf [2] and get_hosts [3] for details of client


Kai Wollweber
IGS Eckernförde

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