moving forward with Ubuntu & Edubuntu -- One new club going online today

alan c aeclist at
Fri Sep 12 07:53:07 BST 2008

Bud Roth wrote:
> Today, I'm going to my sons' school, Congressional Schools of Northern
> Virginia, to set up some Ubuntu laptops to serve as the backbone of a
> new computer club.  This is a great chance for our middle schoolers to
> get their hands on OS early.  
> I've been reading this list for a while on and off and wonder if my
> experience is common.  I probably rank as a "hardcore" linux user,
> although I migrated from Gentoo to Ubuntu only about two years ago.
> I've installed Edubuntu on a computer before, but am debating whether to
> do so with these laptops or stick with Ubuntu and handpick the
> educational software.  The point I want to raise is that Edubuntu's LTSP
> focus is a good fit for some educational setups and not for others.  

My understanding is that unlike version 7.10 which came as a single 
separate install for the desktop offering, the 8.04  edubuntu is 
obtained by using first a normal ubuntu desktop install then an add on 
CD. In a situation where you just want ease of use, stability, and 
games etc then I can not see much advantage with edubuntu (apart from 
the concept and the name...). The Edubuntu desktop icons are prettier 
(in 7.10 which I know).

For a computer club where there may be some interest in also using the 
same software at home also, then use of ubuntu might be an advantage.
alan cocks
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