Let me know about Open Source use at your school!

Jim Christiansen jim.c.christiansen at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 17:14:13 BST 2008

Hello David,

We're still using K12LTSP 5- Centos in our school.  We're running about 120
clients off of 4 servers.  Also DNS for about 10 years- omg! off of an old
box (that died over the summer- no dns for the world right now...).  A
webserver- only internal right now.  What a drag.  We were the top of google
searches for years ;-)

That's all I can think of right now.  Our tech dept is still saying we are
going to get Linux ripped out of here and that really will be a shame.  I
have more than the expected number of students going on to further education
in Technology after learning tons of stuff here in my classes.

We do use Crossover in a lab for delivering CadKey and Office (it does run
better in Linux than in Windows).  The fellows at Codeweavers are great, by
the way.  Don't get me started up talking about running office...  a College
sponsored course.

Various stand alones and every notebook has a dual boot for the boggus os
and the real one.  Teachers usually use ...  guess which one.

Our network is split up into two networks.  An office network and a student
network.   Anything that connects to the student network has linux and
others dual boot.

That's about it.

Thanks for all of your help, by the way, that you've given me over the
years.  A knowlegable comment or explanation every now and then really has
been of such great help for me.

I will be setting up some more powerful Windows boxes to run Pro/E in my
design classes and I want to have students access their linux homes to save
their work on the ltsp servers.  I may need some hand holding...   Man oh
man, I just turned 50 but still feel like a kid!

Thanks again,

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