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> > Hi everyone.
> >
> > I've have installed edubuntu (hardy 8.04). The
> system is basically a server
> > and thin clients (LTSP). Some users use japanese,
> others chinese and others
> > English. So every time that a user login on a thin
> client has to select
> > session a language. Is there any way how to define the
> default session and
> > language for each user?
> >
> >
> When the language is changed for one given user, there is
> the choice to
> change it "Just for the current session" or to
> make it default. Then each of
> your user could select the lnaguage of its choice only one
> time, for the
> first time.
> Similarly, you could setup user's account in every
> language needed by this
> way.

Thanks for your reply. 
What you mention only works on the server, on the thin clients don't even ask anything. So, at login every user must select the session and the language. Imagine a classroom where children have to select language and session and making lots of mistakes, so, you spent much time fixing each client. Any ideas?


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