eth1: too many iterations (6) in nv_nic_irq

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Wed Mar 5 04:33:06 GMT 2008

On Tue, 4 Mar 2008 16:11:02 -0800, john wrote
> Thanks Jim et al.
> I saw that bug report when I was googling around. It seems to fit my
> situation pretty closely, AMD processors, 64 bits, lots of traffic on
> the LTSP facing interface, NVIDIA controller on the onboard NIC. It
> looks like this problem is mended in the alpha2 kernel for Hardy Heron
> but that "Hardly Helps"  :->  since I am afraid to move away from
> Edubuntu 7.04 and the" linux-image-server" kernel (which I installed
> to support <4G memory).
>  Right now I am running   2.6.20-16-server. How do I go about
> reporting to the maintainer of _that_ kernel? Or do I just need to
> file a general bug report somewhere? I've never done that before so
> I'd appreciate any advice you could give me.

It looks like the best thing to try to get by for now would be to throw in a PCI NIC and
disable the onboard.  I think I saw someone else did that and all was well.  If you
don't have one I'd try an Intel Pro1000, I've had excellent luck with them.  If that
works, then you'll have time to submit something as a bug and wait.

Hope that helps

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