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Mike White mwhite at
Thu Feb 28 17:41:52 GMT 2008

Hi all,


 I will say again I love the feedback and reading the posts from this
forum. I am learning so much week by week as I read everyone's posts.


I'll be short. What is the near-most stripped down configuration I can
give Edubuntu 7.04? One way to answer my question might be to give me a
list of non-critical common programs, services, etc. that I can
uninstall via the Synaptic Package Manager and that take a larger amount
of disk space. I am only using Edubuntu to PXE boot into MS Terminal
Service 2003, so I only need the Terminal Server Client program and
sometimes Mozilla Firefox. I don't need games, printing services, nor
development programs, etc.


I have already uninstalled Evolution, Thunderbird, Openoffice, and some
games. I did this just out of maintenance and noticed the general speed
of the clients is MUCH faster. I'd like to go supersonic if possible. =)


Thank you for any input.


Michael White

Bradshaw Christian School

Technology Coordinator

mwhite at

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