Errors netbooting iMac G3 (runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c)

Carl Olof Englund realdiskdoc at
Thu Feb 28 17:28:55 GMT 2008

Hello again!

Weeks have passed and I've had go:s at our old iMac whenever I've had the time 
and energy. As it stands now I have it getting an IP from server when 
netbooting and loading (or trying to load) the kernel.

At one point I had the splashscreen but the bootprocess halted somewhere in 
the first 25% range. There was some atyfb-error so I thought it might have 
something to do with the framebuffer driver.

I messed around with kernel bootparms like "atyfb:off" but that didn't help. 
Then I put in "nosplash" and when the bootprocess halted this time I could 
see a different message on screen, after some DHCP info:

"request_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c"

Few other people on the net seem to have run into this problem.. Someone said 
it had to do with trying to load the ELF module for ELF support when modprobe 
itself is ELF-compiled. However, I checked the config-file for the kernel and 
ELF-support was compiled in. Misc support as a module however.

Any advice for how to get the iMac booting? Interestingly enough, I did get 
XUbuntu installed on it and running using the alternate install CD, no 
problems there!

/ Carl
"So slay me now! I have little magic left."
- Kallak, leader of the royal mystics

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