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Jim Kronebusch jim at
Fri Feb 29 18:37:00 GMT 2008

On Thu, 28 Feb 2008 09:41:52 -0800, Mike White wrote
> Hi all,
>  I will say again I love the feedback and reading the posts from this
> forum. I am learning so much week by week as I read everyone's posts.
> I'll be short. What is the near-most stripped down configuration I can
> give Edubuntu 7.04? One way to answer my question might be to give me a
> list of non-critical common programs, services, etc. that I can
> uninstall via the Synaptic Package Manager and that take a larger amount
> of disk space. I am only using Edubuntu to PXE boot into MS Terminal
> Service 2003, so I only need the Terminal Server Client program and
> sometimes Mozilla Firefox. I don't need games, printing services, nor
> development programs, etc.
> I have already uninstalled Evolution, Thunderbird, Openoffice, and some
> games. I did this just out of maintenance and noticed the general speed
> of the clients is MUCH faster. I'd like to go supersonic if possible. =)
> Thank you for any input.

Ubuntu JeOS might be what you are looking for.  This is intended to build virtual
appliances, but I don't know why you couldn't use it in your type of situation.  It is
basically the minimal configuration you can get and still run.  From there you can
install any packages you need.  With a little tweaking I guess this can be as small as
80MB when installed.  This would allow you to run it from onboard flash on some thin
clients if need be.

Hope that helps


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