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Uwe Geercken uwe.geercken at
Thu Feb 14 20:47:14 GMT 2008

hello justin,

I have the same problem. but I had a machine with good internet  
access. so I created a mirror: I downloaded about 20GB of data from a  
site and put it on an external disk I had. it contains all packages  
from main, restricted, universe and multiverse repositories. then I  
added following line to my /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb file:///media/edisk2/transfer/mirror/ gutsy main restricted  
universe multiverse

now I can install almost any program on all clients without having to  
go to the internet.

I have a good description of how to do this in details, but it is only  
in german. but there is a lot of information on the net.



Zitat von "Meckes, Justin" <Justin.Meckes at>:

> Hello,
> Forgive me if this was covered in an earlier post.  I scanned the   
> archives but only found some complications in Bolivia for those   
> without Internet.
> I'm looking to download Apps on one machine, copy them to a flash   
> drive and take them to community centers all across my city.
> I didn't find the Apps on the File System and I'm unsure that I   
> would be able to install copies of them if I did.  Any solutions?    
> Or will I be forced to bring each machine back to the main office   
> when I want new educational games for the participants.
> Thank you,
> Justin Meckes
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> Raleigh Parks and Recreation Department
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