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Meckes, Justin wrote:
> Hello,
> Forgive me if this was covered in an earlier post.  I scanned the archives but only found some complications in Bolivia for those without Internet. 
> I'm looking to download Apps on one machine, copy them to a flash drive and take them to community centers all across my city.
> I didn't find the Apps on the File System and I'm unsure that I would be able to install copies of them if I did.  Any solutions?  Or will I be forced to bring each machine back to the main office when I want new educational games for the participants.
No - just download the .deb files for the applications you want, then 
copy those to your flash drive.  On the target machine, open a terminal, 
and run the following command...

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/flash/drive/programname.deb

If you have multiple packages that have to be installed (dependencies, 
etc.), you can list more than one .deb file on the command.

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