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Hi Justin, 
If you want to do this on cd or dvd, use aptoncd which is in the repositories. 
Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT 
APT removable repository creator and package backup tool for Debian based 
This tool will allow you to create a media (CD or DVD) to use to install 
software via APT in a non-connected machine, as well upgrade and install 
the same set of softwares in several machines with no need to re-download 
the packages again. 
For more information, visit 

>>>Meckes, Justin <Justin.Meckes at> 02/14/08 2:00 pm >>>

Forgive me if this was covered in an earlier post.  I scanned the archives but only found some complications in Bolivia for those without Internet.

I'm looking to download Apps on one machine, copy them to a flash drive and take them to community centers all across my city.

I didn't find the Apps on the File System and I'm unsure that I would be able to install copies of them if I did.  Any solutions?  Or will I be forced to bring each machine back to the main office when I want new educational games for the participants.

Thank you,

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