Bringing 3D Game Design To Kids

Miriam Ruiz little.miry at
Sat Feb 9 14:57:59 GMT 2008

2008/2/9, Platinum Arts <platinumarts at>:
> Hey, sorry it has taken me a bit of time to respond.  I have been subbing
> all week and + my night class I teach = just enough free time to try to
> fight off a cold.  I have been looking at the licenses a bit today and I was
> thinking since the Cube 2 source code is already under the zlib, I don't
> think I'd be able to put it under both the GPL and the zlib licenses, would
> I?

Yes, AFAIK, ZLib license is GPL-compatible and you could relicense it
to GPL. You can also distribute your code under different licenses at
once, dual-lincensing, as MySQL or Qt do, for example. If you're
interested, I can find out for you and clarify the details through
debian-legal mailing list.

> For Sandbox I was thinking that what I could do is keep my content free and
> if I felt strongly about putting copyrights on something I could just place
> it under the creative commons license on an individual basis.  Mainly I want
> people to be able to alter our maps and play with them.  I think I can do is
> just ask people to give us a mention if they make a separate fork of the
> project but not require it.

Debian currently recognizes as DFSG-free the CC-by 3.0 and CC-by-sa
3.0 only, but that would be OK :)

> I was reading through the debian FAQ that some of you pointed me to and
> would Sandbox be able to be packaged for debian because there is content in
> there that isn't mine that falls under creative common licenses and such.
> Would that content just need to be removed?  Thanks for your time and help
> with all of this.  Take care.

Under which CC license is it distributed?

> PS what keeps people from just renaming GPLed and/or free projects and
> claiming it as their own work?

I don't have much time right now to answer, but I'll try to answer
this as soon as I can :)

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