webmin batch user add script

rmcdaniel at indata.us rmcdaniel at indata.us
Wed Feb 6 16:40:12 GMT 2008

I am using the latest version of webmin on Edubuntu 7.1 and having
something strange happen to the user passwords.  I have a text file with
the appropriate field layout for 550 students.  In the fields I have
username, password, GID, home directory and shell.  The script runs fine
and the users are added.  When I try and login with the
username/password it rejects the password.  When I get on the server and
go to user manager and retype in the password the login works.  Has
anyone experienced this?  I know that the field layout is correct since
all of the other fields are OK, ie. home directory.


Ron McDaniel
Technology Coordinator
Conecuh County Schools
rmcdaniel at indata.us

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