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Sat Feb 9 14:09:24 GMT 2008

Hey, sorry it has taken me a bit of time to respond.  I have been subbing
all week and + my night class I teach = just enough free time to try to
fight off a cold.  I have been looking at the licenses a bit today and I was
thinking since the Cube 2 source code is already under the zlib, I don't
think I'd be able to put it under both the GPL and the zlib licenses, would

For Sandbox I was thinking that what I could do is keep my content free and
if I felt strongly about putting copyrights on something I could just place
it under the creative commons license on an individual basis.  Mainly I want
people to be able to alter our maps and play with them.  I think I can do is
just ask people to give us a mention if they make a separate fork of the
project but not require it.

I was reading through the debian FAQ that some of you pointed me to and
would Sandbox be able to be packaged for debian because there is content in
there that isn't mine that falls under creative common licenses and such.
Would that content just need to be removed?  Thanks for your time and help
with all of this.  Take care.
PS what keeps people from just renaming GPLed and/or free projects and
claiming it as their own work?
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