Bringing 3D Game Design To Kids

Miriam Ruiz little.miry at
Wed Feb 6 15:59:30 GMT 2008

Hi Mike,

I saw your project some weeks ago and I'm really amazed of it. I
wanted to package it for Debian (and thus for Ubuntu too), but I
didn't have time yet. I have some questions about the data part. I
assume the whole source code is licensed under the zlib license (same
as cube and sauerbraten) but I didn't find anything related to it.

According to Wouter van Oortmerssen's readme file:

Game media included in the game (maps, textures, sounds, models etc.)
are NOT covered by this license, and may have individual copyrights and
distribution restrictions (see individual readmes).

Some time ago I tried to package Cube, and found that it was almost
impossible to do because the data licenses were too chaotic. There
were even files without a license and thus undistributable. If we were
able to clarify that, I'd be willing to maintain those packages.

Keep up the good work :)


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