Bringing 3D Game Design To Kids

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Hi, thanks for your e-mail!  The zlib license for the source is located in
src/cube_2_enginelicense.txt  I know what you mean with the chaotic
licensing of cube, and it was the same for cube 2.  For Sandbox every file
that doesn't belong to Platinum Arts does have an associated readme with the
license information.  All other files are created by/given to Platinum Arts
and fall under that license (located in the main directory in
PlatinumArtsSandboxLicense.txt  I should probably rename that just to
license.  The basic idea of the license is that if you want to use the
content in other projects ask first and second if you do something cool to
the source code let us use it to help make Sandbox better too.  If you need
any more help please let me know.  I know it is still a little confusing but
it should be a lot better documented than Cube 2 as far as licenses.  Take
care and thanks so much for your interest!!  Also as I mentioned in the
previous e-mail we do have an updated linux client if that one is giving
anyone a hard time.
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