formatting hard disk..what do I not know?

Paderick Lundy paddylundy at
Sat Apr 26 06:24:44 BST 2008

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions.  I will download
the alternate installer and perhaps It will be more comfortable.


On Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 1:15 PM, Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at>

> Hi,
> On Fri, 25 Apr 2008, Jayson Rowe wrote:
> > I do not think it would be remotely possible to fit even a basic Ubuntu
> > Server install on a 500MB root partition - I could see maybe a small
> > 50MB-200-MB /boot partition but that's too small for / in this day and
> age
> > IMHO
> Of course it would be possible -- presuming you made separate partitions
> for way /usr and /var which it sounds like he probably intended doing.
> Even ignoring that though, 19GB would be an outrageous minimum size for a
> root partition.  It's not like this is vista.  A bug in the install CD
> (which should ideally be reported on sounds like the best
> explanation to me.
> As someone else said, "advanced" installation, for people who have
> specific
> requirements, are best done with the -alternate- CD which will give you
> the
> "hole hawg" experience you crave (including LVM and software RAID if you
> so
> desire).  In fairness to the developers, this apparent bug aside, the live
> CD installer is created to have relatively few choices with newbies in
> mind
> and I think that's a laudable goal.
> Gavin
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