Hardy - AMD64 server and i386 thin clients

Paul J. Thompson edubuntu001 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 08:12:42 BST 2008


Has anyone got a 64bit server with i386 clients working? I tried this in
Feisty and in Gusty but had no joy. In fact, the only setup that I have had
working well (all i386) has been with Feisty.

Now that Hardy is out I would like to upgrade and finally be able to enjoy
all the new goodies. So can I now run a 64bit server with i386 clients?  If
it is possible can anyone please give me some pointers so as to ensure I
make a success of it. In the past, everything appeared to install correctly
but the thin clients just would not boot. Yet all these thin clients boot
perfectly with Feisty.

Thank you,

Paul Thompson
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