Plan B Edubuntu Terminal Server Install Problem

Charles Austin ceaustin at
Fri Apr 18 13:24:23 BST 2008

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 1:21 AM,  <operationsengineer1 at> wrote:

>  i will look at the syslog, assuming i can find it.  i should be ok using google, though.
sudo less /var/log/messages

ls /var/log

to see the other log files your server is storing.  There is a wealth
of information there - it is always the first place I go looking when
something does not work.  Most of the messages are in plain language,
but you can google for error messages that are cryptic.  You do have
to sudo to read them.

>  i probably won't be able to do much interpreting of what i see, but i will be able post it so others can analyze it.
Good idea.

>  could the problem be related to trying to log on with the same username and password as the server?  i will create client logons and try to logon with them.
It never hurts to have a test account set up.  With the thin clients,
you are setting up a session on the server.  It really should not be
an issue in Linux, but for sanity's sake it is easier to troubleshoot
if you have a test account set up.

Good luck,

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