Plan B Edubuntu Terminal Server Install Problem

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db, thanks for the reply.  the server is a dual core 1.8 ghz opteron with 2 gigs of memory, so i don't think lack of resources is a problem with one client connected.  the switch is more than capable - i think it has one gigabit connections and the rest are 100 mb connections.  i also think the cables are fine, too.  they are cheap, so i will try known good cable and see if that makes a difference.

i'm not sure about the client nics, though.  how can i get the specs on the clients?

i will look at the syslog, assuming i can find it.  i should be ok using google, though.

Sameer, i will look into iptraf and see what i can get out of it.

i probably won't be able to do much interpreting of what i see, but i will be able post it so others can analyze it.

could the problem be related to trying to log on with the same username and password as the server?  i will create client logons and try to logon with them.

i'm also reading through the edubuntu manual for hardy, so i might pick up some relevant information there.



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> i tried to connect three computers.  first, i connected my laptop
> (toshiba laptop circa 2005) which got me to the boot screen.  i logged
> in with the admin password.  the desktop displayed shortly thereafter,
> however, there was high pitched hum coming from the speakers (a ray
> gun sound came to mind) and none of the icons did anything.  the mouse
> did move, though.  i hate to hold the power button to shut down the
> laptop.

I have to admit that this is a bit above my pay scale, but you might
want to ensure that you've got enough server resources and that they can
get through the network: How much RAM is on the server? Is it actually
being read during boot? Are your cables, switch and NICs all at least
10/100 mb/s?
Again, you might also want to look at syslog during and after the
clients boot to see if there's anything strange there.

> also, i didn't realize the clients would be prompted for a password.
> how do i set the username and password for the specific clients?

While logged on as admin, click on "System - Administration - Users and
Groups - Add User"
Good luck,

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