Feisty: gksu/gksudo don't work on thin clients?

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Mon Sep 10 19:56:31 BST 2007


On 2 Feisty installations up to now, I figured out that programs witch 
needs be started with gksu or gksudo, works only on the server.

When I am using for example synaptic on a thin client I only get this 
error message:

    "Failed to run synaptic as root. Unable to copy Xauthorization file"

If am running the same from the console, like this:

$ gksu synaptic

I get additional this line:

    "Error copying: /home/teacher/.Xautority to /tmp/libgksu-doX No such 
file or directory"

The same is happening with the command gksudo.

Now I figured out, that really the .Xautority file in the home folder is 
missing. Like I understand, this file is getting created during a user 
login automatically. This happen at least during a login with the same 
user on the server.

One way is to get it working is this:

1.) ON THE SERVER: login with the user teacher
2.) ON THE SERVER: cp .Xautority .Xautority.org
3.) ON THE SERVER: logout

4.) ON A CLIENT:  login with the user teacher
5.) ON A CLIENT:  cp .Xautority.org .Xautority
6.) ON A CLIENT:  gksu synaptic

On other way is just to use kdesu instead of gksu.

$ kdesu synaptic

that is on the screen:
xauth: creating new athoirty file /home/teacher/.Xauthority
kdesu (kdelibs): WARINING: No authentication info set for display

kdesu is able to create the .Xautority file, and finally I get synaptic 
as root.

Does somebody know a solution for this except to use kdesu.
May this is imported, I am using  LDM_DIRECT = True in lts.conf together 
with a updated ldm script.



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