thin client assistance please

phoenixink at phoenixink at
Sun Feb 4 18:59:53 GMT 2007

I am hopeful you can supply some assistance or point me in teh right direction for assistance. 

I am a newbee trying to build a EdUbuntu (6.06.1) thin client network for a local school. I am using a PIII 500MHz w/ 256MB ram as a server and a PII 350MHz w/ 64MB ram as the 1st client.

I have installed EdUbuntu on the, to be, server with 2 nics. One nic connected through a router to the internet and the second connected to a switch. I have connected the client to the switch and am using a floppy rom boot image to boot the client.

When I boot the client it seems to be happy, loads all the pxe cfgs, seems to boot the linux kernel, and then I see the Ubuntu screen. It seems successful "loading essential drivers... OK". Next is "Mounting root file system... OK".

However after this I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor. I can type in this screen but do not know if this is correct or what to do next. I am trying to get to the same familiar environment as I have on the server so the students will be able to use the thin clients in class.

Does anyone know what to do to help me move this along.

I appriciate any assistance you can give me.



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