New to Edubuntu

Bruce Anderson bruce.germund at
Mon Apr 30 19:39:57 BST 2007

Hello, my name is Bruce Anderson, I just recently heard of Edubuntu.  For
many years I've wanted to try playing with Linux, and this looks like the
perfect version as it is very family friendly.  I think my kids will love
it.  However, before I install it, I have some questions.

What are the system requirements?

What kind of zip/unzip utilities do I need in Linux, do they come bundled
with Edubunto?

Where is a reputable site I can learn about Linux from a newbies
perspective?  I poked around at a few sites and they went over my head
pretty quick, or seemed pretty dated.

Where is a good reputable place to find software?

I think that's all for now.  Thanks.

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