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Scott Ledyard scott at
Mon Apr 30 21:01:04 BST 2007

I think you're in for some pleasant surprises. Most everything you're asking
for comes included.

Have you downloaded Edubuntu yet? Make sure you have the most recent
version, 7.04 (short for 2007-Apr) Feisty Fawn. You'll want the desktop i386

The system requirements are quite low, any computer made in the last several
years should work. Boot your machine from the CD and you'll see that
Edubuntu runs in Live mode, allowing you to check it out before installing.
You'll see what works and what doesn't, albeit slowly since it's all running
in RAM off the CD. The Install icon will make it permanent on your hard

File compression is handled automatically with of Linux / Ubuntu. So are
many other file types, like PDFs and DOC files. Software is available
on-line by going to the Synaptics Package Manager for thousands of programs,
but I'd suggest you'll have lots to explore just looking at what's already

You'll want to visit and go to the Absolute Beginner Talk

Wish you luck and hope to hear from you again.


On 4/30/07, Bruce Anderson <bruce.germund at> wrote:
> Hello, my name is Bruce Anderson, I just recently heard of Edubuntu.  For
> many years I've wanted to try playing with Linux, and this looks like the
> perfect version as it is very family friendly.  I think my kids will love
> it.  However, before I install it, I have some questions.
> What are the system requirements?
> What kind of zip/unzip utilities do I need in Linux, do they come bundled
> with Edubunto?
> Where is a reputable site I can learn about Linux from a newbies
> perspective?  I poked around at a few sites and they went over my head
> pretty quick, or seemed pretty dated.
> Where is a good reputable place to find software?
> I think that's all for now.  Thanks.
> Bruce
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