Problem setting up RAID/LVM at installation

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Apr 16 16:05:49 BST 2007

Hi Denis,

On Mon, 16 Apr 2007, Denis Melnikov wrote:

> After some reading :) I used Ubuntu 6.10 Alternate Disk.
> It allowed me to setup RAID/LVM more-or-less successfully.
> I said 'more-or-less' because I had to point kernel and initrd
> location when first booting and thereafter edit /boot/grub/menu.lst
> and /etc/fstab.

I went across a fair bit of this ground back in December.  one of the
issues I found was that I needed to put root as the first drive on the

> To transform Ubuntu into Edubuntu I inserted Edubuntu 6.10 Disk
> and:
> $ apt-cdrom add
> $ aptitude install edubuntu-desktop (by the way, is it enough?)

Edubuntu-desktop should add the extra software and packages to give you a
desktop edubuntu system.  Depending on whether you want Edubuntu as a thin
client server, you may need to install the package edubuntu-server and do
	sudo ltsp-build-client

> aptitude copied packages from the CD and then asked to insert
> Ubuntu CD. After I'd inserted the CD and pressed <Enter>,
> aptitude aborted with segmentation fault. Now I can neither
> `aptitude remove` nor repeat the installation.

Ouch.  That's odd.  What error do you get when you try these?

If aptitude crashed, which it apparently did, there may be some partially
installed packages hanging around.  These must be installed fully before
you can do anything else.  Usually apt would prompt you to do so but if you
haven't already you might need to do:

	sudo dpkg --configure -a

to tell it finish off any half-installed packages.

> How can I revert the system state back to the one just after
> `apt-cdrom add`?

Having done the above, I think you should be able to do

	sudo aptitude remove edubuntu-desktop
	sudo aptitude autoremove

to remove the overall package and then remove the packages which came in
with it.  I _think_ that'll work.

> What is the right way to make Edubuntu out of Ubuntu-alternate?

I think you have the right way already (perhaps adding the edubuntu-server
package too).  It's certainly what I did. The segmentation fault is very
unusual and not caused by you doing something incorrect.  

> Whether Edubuntu developers are here, why there is no
> Edubuntu Alternate CD? We've got [k|x]ubuntu-alternate but
> no edubuntu. Why?

I can't give you an answer on this.  However, reliability issues such as
software RAID among others will hopefully be discussed at the next Ubuntu
Education Summit in the meeting "Making Edubuntu More Fault Tolerant /
Recoverable".  If you have something to add you can either come along if
possible or mention it here and I'll be there to pass on your thoughts.


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