Problem setting up RAID/LVM at installation

Denis Melnikov dmelnik at
Mon Apr 16 15:31:30 BST 2007

After some reading :) I used Ubuntu 6.10 Alternate Disk.
It allowed me to setup RAID/LVM more-or-less successfully.
I said 'more-or-less' because I had to point kernel and initrd
location when first booting and thereafter edit /boot/grub/menu.lst
and /etc/fstab.

To transform Ubuntu into Edubuntu I inserted Edubuntu 6.10 Disk

$ apt-cdrom add
$ aptitude install edubuntu-desktop (by the way, is it enough?)

aptitude copied packages from the CD and then asked to insert
Ubuntu CD. After I'd inserted the CD and pressed <Enter>,
aptitude aborted with segmentation fault. Now I can neither
`aptitude remove` nor repeat the installation.

How can I revert the system state back to the one just after
`apt-cdrom add`?
What is the right way to make Edubuntu out of Ubuntu-alternate?
Whether Edubuntu developers are here, why there is no
Edubuntu Alternate CD? We've got [k|x]ubuntu-alternate but
no edubuntu. Why?


> I faced a problem setting up RAID/LVM when installing 6.06.
> My server is:
> Intel Server Board S5000PAL
> Intel SR1500 Chassis
> 2 Xeon 2.67 GHz CPUs
> 2 SATA 250 GB HDDs
> After creating MD devices of RAID1 I got the following message:
> Error informing the kernel about modifications to partition
> /dev/md/0p1 -- Invalid argument. This means Linux won't know about
> any changes you made to /dev/md/0p1 until you reboot -- so you
> shouldn't mount it or use it in any way before rebooting.
> ERROR!!!
> And:
> The kernel was unable to re-read the partition table on /dev/md/0
> (Invalid argument). This means Linux won't know anything about the
> modifications you made until you reboot. You should reboot your
> computer before doing anything with /dev/md/0.
> If I reboot nothing changes.
> How to create RAID/LVM volumes during installation?
> Hopefully,
> Denis

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