printers on thin clients

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Sep 18 23:33:41 BST 2006


On Mon, 18 Sep 2006, Stefano Rivera wrote:

> Hi Jonathan (2006.09.18_18:54:33_+0200)
> > I had another hack, where I installed cups server in the LTSP chroot and
> > configured it to listen only on the thin client that has the matching
> > configured IP address.

This seems a little overkill, given that the lp_server is already on the
ltsp root and seems to work.

> My method for this is to turn the thin-client into a jet-direct style
> server with inetd:
> 9100 stream tcp nowait lp /bin/dd dd of=/dev/usblp0

That's a little simpler alright, I doubt I'm going to need any parallel
port printers (but who knows?).  It's nice also in that I guess the
lp-server will only run when someone tries to connect, freeing the
resources for the rest of the time.

Would this work better/worse/at all:

  9100 stream tcp nowait /usr/lib/ltsp/lp_server -d /dev/usblp0

I guess you could also have 

  9101 stream tcp nowait /usr/lib/ltsp/lp_server -d /dev/lp0

so you can get to parallel printers too, just by picking a different port.

> Then I give them a static IP address by DHCP, and point the central cups
> server at them as if they were jet-direct printers.

This is pretty much what I did too.


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