putting using a default lts.conf in edubuntu edgy

Jim McQuillan jam at McQuil.com
Thu Aug 17 16:00:07 BST 2006

On Thu, August 17, 2006 7:14 am, Oliver Grawert wrote:
> hi,
> as discussed in teh edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting on IRC
> yesterday, i would like to put a default lts.conf in the next edubuntu,
> so we have some things set to sensible default values and the users will
> find a lts.conf file in place they can edit (often users dont understand
> they have to create the file since its not needed by default in ubuntu
> ltsp)
> i'd like to put in the following global values and would like to hear
> some feedback with pro/con on them:
> X_COLOR_DEPT=16 (imho a sane default, saves a lot bandwith and memory of
> the client and avoids garbled splash screens on cards that dont support
> 24bit but are run at this depth)
> SOUND=True (the logic of the sound implementation is smart enough to
> fail gracefully if there is no usable sound hardware in the client, so
> it will wirk automatically on systems that have valid soundcards and
> just do nothing on other hardware)
> USE_NBD_SWAP=True and SWAP=64M (not implemented yet, but will be along
> with the fully-automatic-swapserver implementation thats targetd for
> edgy. it will create a 64M swapfile per running client on the server
> (which means you need 1.2G extra disk space on a 20 client server, but
> it will lower the memory requirements for client machines signifcanly,
> 32MB out of the box should work with it))
> LOCALDEV=True (local devices by default ... depends on having the
> swapspace mentioned above for ower specced hardware)

I agree with everything except this last one.  We've always told people
that local devices are disabled by default, because lots of people don't
want to allow users to copy data to removeable drives.  It's a security
thing for them.  Requiring the sysadmin to turn this feature on, if needed
is no big deal in my opinion.

ALthough, I admit that it could be argued that it makes sense in an
educational environment to turn it on by default.

Jim McQuillan
jam at Ltsp.org

> thats all for now, please suggest other values if you thinkey should
> be in there.
> ciao
> 	oli
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