local disks

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 12:27:14 BST 2006


On Thu, 17 Aug 2006, Oliver Grawert wrote:

> we use the ltspfs implementation from ltsp.org as base, the part that
> runs on the client unmounts the device automatically if there was no data
> traffic for 2 seconds, the part in the users session doesnt see the
> unmounting and triggers the daemon on the client to mount again if there
> is traffic again.  

I guess this is effectively like mounting with the sync option?  Sounds
like a good idea.  Though it's not entirely optimal for disk lifetime, it's
what users expect.  Are USB keys mounted with the noatime option?

> unlike the ltsp.org implementation, we can use the existing ssh tunnel
> for bus messages to the users session so the whole overhead ltsp.org has
> with the separate lbus system isnt needed. additionally we just mount
> in /media instead of the users desktop (as ltsp.org does), through that
> lower level handling it will be completely desktop independent and XFCE
> and KDE will *just work* as well as GNOME ;)

That sounds really cool.  Does it switch between mounted rw and mounted ro
or does it completely unmount it?  Also, presumably the desktop icon
appears when the object is plugged in, not when the device is mounted?


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