Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Fri Aug 4 13:38:19 BST 2006


On Fri, 04 Aug 2006, guillermo wrote:

> I have reinstalled ltsp with i386 and everything went fine. In the
> clients machines I have sound out of my little softwares and xmms is
> working fine. The lts.conf is using esd as the sound server.(nasd doesn't
> work)

So xmms plays through the thin client speakers.  Very nice.

> I have installed wavesurfer and gnusound, they work but the sound is
> coming out from the speaker of the server. I 've been working around this
> problem but without any results.

Sounds like your problem is that wavesurfer and gnusound are not configured
to use the remote esd server (they run on the server so by default they may
connect to the server's sound system).  If this is the problem you neeed to
try and configure them to use a remote esd system, point them at the thin
client and they should play through the thin client's speakers.  This is
pretty crappy solution though as next time you login on a different thin
client you'd need to reconfigure again.

I suspect there's a more robust way to do this for all programs via an
environment variable (you can probably modify $DISPLAY).  Justin Mason's
page suggests that you should be able to set ESPEAKER.  My guess (though I
don't have edubuntu to hand) is that ESPEAKER is set already on the thin
clients but those applications are ignoring it -- either because they don't
support esd at all or because they don't pay attention to the ENV var.

The latter at least should possibly be reported as a bug to the developers.
If they don't support esd you probably can't use them on thin clients.


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