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Mon Sep 21 15:34:43 UTC 2009

Hi Ace

On 21/09/2009 14:47, Ace Suares wrote:
>> You're refering to
>> ?
> Nope, to

Wow. That's not an e-mail, that's a novel! :)

I'm not sure how I managed to miss it, but if it's ok I'll reply to some 
of the things you asked about here.

> A Name Space is a part of the wiki under a certain URL, so everything
> that is 'below' /Edubuntu is called the Edubuntu name space.
> Currently, we have the following pages which are OUTSIDE of our namespace:
> EdubuntuAddonEnhancements
> EdubuntuAndItalcHardy

Indeed. A long long time ago, the Edubuntu Wiki was an entirely 
different wiki than the Ubuntu one. So was Kubuntu. There was a lot of 
duplication in these wikis, and there were problems when a common page 
was fixed in one wiki and not in the others, so the Ubuntu, Edubuntu and 
Kubuntu wikis were merged into one. Not having an Edubuntu namespace 
when that merge took place was a mistake, it could have saved us lots of 
effort now if it was right from the start.

I agree about what you said regarding redirects.

> So, how can we want this page to keep existing? What use would be a
> redirect? What use would be to keep a unfinished draft of 2006 anyway?

I believed Oliver answered this to you before,  old specs (especially if 
unfinished) are useful since someone may want to implement it in a 
future version. If they can't be implemented, then they are good for 
keeping around for historical purposes.

> I want to weed these pages OUT of the wiki. And there's 4 ways I think:
> A. DELETE the page
> B. ARCHIVE the page and NO REDIRECT
> C. MOVE the page and NO REDIRECT
> These 3 really clean up the wiki

Yep, I think if you just make your intentions clear before making those 
changes, it should be fine. It's not to hurt the sense of 'democracy' 
that you may feel, but it will ultimately make your work easier and it 
will also make it easier for people to follow your work and get involved.

> Then I would want to move on the the website (you realize there's not
> much of a plan for how the website will look at release time!?

In short, at the very least, we need to update the information on the 
site so that it's current and relevant to the Karmic release. I think at 
some point we also need to discuss the purpose of the website and what 
we actually want it to do.

> And also to work on the handbook with sbalneav.

Great. What's the status on that? If it's ready we should more 
prominently link to it from the Edubuntu site as well.


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