edubuntu and linux newbies here...

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Nov 5 10:39:39 UTC 2007


On Mon, 05 Nov 2007, leonardo asunan wrote:

> i am leonardo asunan, a newbies in the linux world. with just 1 week of
> exploring edubuntu and ubuntu, i found it interesting and exciting so i want
> to join and help to the best that i can.
> i am a computer technician, i troubleshoot and repair low-end computers
> (pentium 1-3) and i used pirated versions of windows98 as my OS.  i
> really like to help promote ubuntu and edubuntu here but i  cannot answer
> my client's questions about it for i myself did not know its strength and
> its true power and i want to understand the software better so i decided
> to join this mailing list, please guide me what should i do next.

To become more familiar with the software, you need to use it :-)  Try to
resist using windows for things and spend the extra time to figure out how
it can be done in Ubuntu.  Try setting up a thin client system.
Documentation is here:

Also, as a beginner, I'd say you'll possibly learn more from the
edubuntu-users mailing list than this one for now.


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