help on edubuntu 7.04 and RAID 1

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Sat Nov 3 19:03:46 UTC 2007


On Fri, 02 Nov 2007, Guillem Moyà wrote:

> I installed Edubuntu 7.04 with bios raid active. I don't know yet if it
> works...
> Next monday I'll disconnect one HDD and I will see what happens... If it
> works, I'll the same with the other  HDD.

Okay, but make sure you leave time in between for the removed disk to sync
back up.

> After that, I have to resolve a conflict between eth0 and eth1. If I have
> enable one card, eth0 to swicht and LTSP, I have all the terminals
> working, but without internet. But, if I enable eth1 I have internet on
> the server but LTSP doesn't works...  Do you know which are the
> configuration files?

What are you using to enable and disable eth1?  Do you use the tools under
the system->administration menu?  Doing it by the config files is fine, but
we have to figure out what the problem is first.

Could you post the output of these commands with and without the second
interface enabled:
	/sbin/route -n
	cat /etc/resolv.conf
	ps aux |grep dhcp

When you say the LTSP doesn't work, what exactly happens?  Do the thin
clients boot at all or not even get their initial dhcp?


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